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World Dog Show / Award of Excellence

What a whirlwind adventure that we had. We traveled all the way to Amsterdam to show Everett at the World Dog Show under renowned English Judge Ann Ingram. This was only the third time he had ever been shown in his entire career. As always, he was the perfect traveling companion going with us every where as we galavanted around the Dutch countryside leading up to the show.

Being at these shows were incredibly special to us as it gave us a chance to spend time with the Finnish breeder, Tiina Taulos of Canmoy fame, who sent us his Grandmother 13 years ago to be our foundation. In an incredible line up of of world class dogs with her watching on, Everett ended up being graded excellent. This is a huge accomplishment as miniature poodles in the United States and the medium poodles of Europe are significantly different with their being larger in terms of size and boning.

As Everett's breeder/owner/handler, I couldn't be more proud of him.

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