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Everett PCA 2017.jpg


Multiple Specialty Best in Show Winner, American Champion Imperii Halt and Catch Fire

(PCA Winners Dog 2017)

Top Producer



English, American Champion

Lincaro Magic Moment at Sariante

Top Producer

We are currently taking reservations.

If you are interested in learning more about our dogs, please give us a call at +1-510-495-6269 or fill out our application form, and we will get back to shortly. 
We look forward to hearing from you.

Litters at Imperii are limited, as we believe in giving each dog in our family tree the time to fully mature to their maximum potential before going forward with the next generation.  When we do breed is because we are looking for a puppy or two to continue within the show ring and to continue the lineage for the future.  We strive with each breeding to improve on our stock by working with other breeders worldwide to find the best match based on temperament, conformation, and health. 


Our puppies are born and raised as house dogs so that they grow up to be happy, well-adjusted adults that are used to the comings and goings of an everyday household.  They also have many hours of playtime outside either in our backyard, the local park or along the oceanfront beaches; exploring what the big wide world has to offer in the Bay Area.

We take the commitment to our poodles seriously and will be available to you and your family as a resource throughout the life of your dog.



text or voice: +1-510-495-6269

Our Dogs Loved by Us and Others

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