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Exciting New Adventure

For 2 years, I was part of an amazing adventure that made me responsible for the advertising, creative and social media campaigns for London - Ch. Jaset Satisfaction. His "voice" and personal paparazzi during that time has left me with wonderful memories and countless connections. In fact, there were two million in a week alone. A personal belief became London's signature persona: while Dog shows are incredibly competitive (who doesn't like to win), we should be positive and uplift each other (even our stiffest competitors), be great sportsmen that show respect and admiration to those who paved the way before us (including judges and their decisions) and above all work for the betterment of our canine companions. Looking back, it truly was a dream to spearhead that vision and see him go on to win 100 Best in Shows. Now is the beginning of another adventure and I can only dream of where it could go. In the meantime, I'm lucky to have Heros to emulate and Mentors to seek advice from. "Behind the Spotlight is Hard Work, Dedication and Passion." As true as it is now as when I created this ad 3 and half years ago.

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